Many people think that to find healthy foods to eat they have to spend a lot of money. This is not always true, in fact if an individual knows where to look organic and nutritious foods can be found at reasonable prices.

Shop at Local Farmers Markets

Buy fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets instead of buying these items from grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables cost more at grocery stores because they have to be shipped from different areas of the country. The cost of shipping these items and delivering them to grocery stores is built into the price of the food. None of these shipping and delivery expenses come with buying fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets, so consumers can buy them a lot cheaper. Most of the fruits and vegetables that are for sale at local farmers markets are grown organically, so not only can people buy their produce at a smaller price but they are a healthier option as well.

Eat Eggs Instead of Breakfast Cereal

A container of a dozen eggs costs less than cereal brands that consumers can buy in grocery stores. Eggs are a nutritious food, so they can save consumers money when purchasing food for breakfast and they provide quality nutrition as well.

Buy Beef From a Cow Pool

People can save money when buying beef if they go through a cow pool. A cow pool is where several people will pay for a cow (that is hormone free, and grass fed; never buy a cow that was given hormones), have it butchered, and then divide the meat up amongst everyone in the pool. This method of buying beef can save people money and will help them buy meat that has not been genetically altered through growth hormones or other unnatural methods.

Purchase Fish From a Seafood Store

When purchasing fish consumers should buy it from a seafood store instead of a large grocery chain. The prices are usually better at a seafood store that is local as opposed to a large grocery chain that has to pay to have their catch shipped all over the country. Purchasing from a local store the catch many times is fresher and the people working there usually can tell consumers about the fish they are buying (i.e. whether it is wild caught, which in the case of salmon makes it much healthier).

Healthy Food Choices do not Have to be Expensive

Consumers can save money and eat nutritious food by shopping at local farmers markets, eating eggs for breakfast, using a cowpool to buy beef, and shopping for fish from a seafood store that is local. Small changes in a person’s shopping habits can have a great effect on their wallet as well as their health.

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